Post-Detail Page: Growing our user base

Design Goals

The existing comment and threading design is confusing to new users, which has a negative impact on the ability to grow our user base. We aimed to redesign the comment and threading structure towards improving the flow and ease of use of the Post Detail Page (PDP).

Determining users’ preferences for the design and features in comment threads could make the platform easier to engage with, encouraging more interactions and deepening the sense of community when engaging with Reddit posts.

This was a moderated usability test utilizing Figma prototypes. I conducted interviews with a combination of users and non-users to explore how they responded to two approaches to the PDP in comparison to the current design.

  • What do users think about commenting and comment threads on Reddit? How do users compare it to commenting on other platforms? (differences, ease of use)
  • How easy or difficult is it for users to view comments on Reddit currently? – – How do the new designs improve or support any current challenges?
  • What do non-users know/think about the flow of commenting on Reddit?
  • Would these new explorations encourage non-users to join and participate in the Reddit community?

Left: PDP Variant A – For participants, the grey bubble comments feature assisted in readability.

Right: PDP Variant B – The addition of descriptors for functions was helpful to both users and non-users. Non-users were more likely to engage when provided insight into what actions they were able to take.

I proposed a combination of Variants A & B: bubble shading and darkening grey divider lines to increase readability; including descriptors next to functions to make it easier for potential & new users to follow along with and participate in conversations; the addition of a floating action bar (not pictured) that supports user ability to easily know to whom they are replying when writing a response.

What I did
● Research Brief & Discussion Guide
● Recruitment through UserTesting
● Pilot Study
● Usability Testing Interviews & Data Analysis
● Presentation of Design Recommendations